Lavender and Lavandin

 The harvest of the Lavender and the Lavandin is made beginning of July with in mid-August.
 Harvest is done in three stages:

 The hardly hatched flowers, the producer begins the harvest of Blue Lavender or Blue Lavandin for the bouquets.
 Harvest is done with the sickle.  

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 Then, harvest comes from Fleur de Lavande or Lavandin.
 The producers collects this Fleur with the machine.
 Thereafter, there will be drying, the beating and the cleaning of the Fleur.

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 It is this Fleur whom you find in the sachets and objects of decoration.   

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 Lastly, it is harvest for essential Oils of Lavender and Lavandin.
 This harvest is completely mechanized.
 Essential Oils are extracted from the plant by distillation.

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